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Vacuums cleaning

We are not a distributor of Rainbow, Rainbows sell. This is just a review.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is to filter the use of water, dust, pollen, bacteria, mites, and smoke from the room. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

Filtration, when customers ask for the Rainbow, wondering about filtration. If this vacuum to hold the pet odors, cooking odors, mold and odors in the air bod? The answer is yes to all these questions. L 'Rainbow will not allow odors to pass through the machine. This is the only major advantage of the Rainbow has over other devices.

No bags: The rainbow is the only bagless vacuum cleaner that we tested that never loses suction in reality. No matter how the water is dirty, it's still traps dirt, and let the air escape of exhaust gases. The only way to lose, extraction with the Rainbow, is when one of the new models, the series E. The E series has a HEPA filter on the exhaustThis is all that pass through the water separator. This is usually chalk dust, cement dust or baby powder. These things do not mix well with water, and will break out again in the air. Most people do not use your vacuum to collect dust of plaster or cement dust anyway. One way to overcome this problem is only a teaspoon of vinegar in the water tank. This is above the water surface tension and allows the powder to absorb the water. Problemresolved.

The HEPA filter on the Rainbow E-series model should be replaced every few years. The more empty, more often they must be replaced. The cost is about $ 50 – $ 60 for the filter. Please do not try to wash them, even though the manual says you can. Wash only causes the dust to bury gt on the filter surface to the inside of the filter and the filter is blocked by that date.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is the only voidwe tried to add moisture and deodorize the air in the room.

The Negative Rainbow vacuum cleaners are small, but the cover;

You should drain the water after each use. Nothing smells worse than the old Rainbow water to let it set for a couple of days. It is very dirty water, rinse your toilet or dump it out after each use. Keep a vacuum cleaner with water in his speech. The water evaporates and rustEngine parts. This will void the warranty.

The rainbow is a great vacuum cleaner, but it is not so constructed as to defy. The shell is made of a high quality plastic, but it is thick. The rainbow will not survive a fall down a staircase. It is not a commercial vacuum cleaner. It takes a lot of money. Take care of it.

If you buy a rainbow to an independent dealer or a dealer, I would not buy one online. Almost everyRainbow you see that someone has bought online, engine problems. The people who sell their vacuum cleaner online vacuum cleaner should not treat them as their own. See run it before you pay.

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